Owen originally studied Graphic Design at Chelsea School of Art, and as the course progressed he began to concentrate on Photography. On leaving Art School, he worked for well-known studio and location photographers, cutting his teeth on room sets, locations, cars and still life - finally discovering the latter to be his main area of interest. Owen set up his own studio and for many years was commissioned by agencies for his still-lifes and portraiture. He has shot for many of the major UK supermarket chains, and Government departments and public bodies, including the NHS, London Fire Brigade and Mi6.

Owen has over 25 years' experience, and now concentrates on manipulating light inside the studio and on location to create stunning photographs, and digitally retouching to enhance and formulate images that would otherwise be impossible to create in camera.

In addition to his commissioned work, Owen is continually experimenting with new ideas and techniques to create exciting and thought-provoking imagery.

He lives in London and East Sussex.

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